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Welcome to
Miracle Meadows Farm

Sunset on the upper 20.

Our little 43 acre farm is a family place. There are kids and parents,
grandparents, aunts and uncles, and, of course, friends, at the farm.

The farm family also includes 6 horses, 6 dogs,
4 goats, 6 house cats, 5 sugar gliders
3 chickens, and 15 barn cats.

--By the way, for all of you animal activists out there...
All of our cats and dogs are spayed and neutered.
Except for the very youngest.
And they're next!--

We support responsible animal husbandry 100%!

For many years we have provided
Full Care Horse Boarding
for only $100 a month.
If someone has more than one horse to board
it is only $75 for each horse after the first one.
Owners provide their own feed.

Meet Some of the Horse Family...

Big Jake

Big Jake and Dad 020806.

Big Jake and Big Jack

Inevitable Trouble

Our Spotted Draft Stud at 2 years of age.

This is Trouble, our
Spotted Draft Stud at 2 1/2.

Visit Trouble's
"Sunset Story" Picture Page
by clicking the following link.

American Spotted Draft Stallion at Sunset

Dakota Dreamer

Dakota Dreamer in the barn.

This is Dakota Dreamer (DD). Our first
Registered American Spotted Draft Mare
Click the link above to visit her page.


Our beautiful Belgian, Kit.

Kit was our first Belgian.
Unfortunately she was
barren, so we never
got a colt from her.
Then she was stolen
by a bad "horse-trader."
We would pay
to have her back...
She's very easily
She has 3
unusual white
dots on her face.

Sunny and Mr.P

Two geldings free-grazing.

The Palomino Paint in this picture
was bought for my mom.
Mr.P, the bay, was a longtime
boarder on the farm.

Andrea and Mr.P

Mr.P in training.

Here Mr.P was
being re-trained
from track-racing
to barrel racing.

Email us any time.
We're glad to answer questions
and requests whenever possible.

Our pond down in the lower 20.

The horses used to come up from the pond
happily covered in mud.
(Just look at DD's "mud-pic" on her page.)
They loved it, and we didn't mind.
But, right now we're repairing fence on this pasture.
So, they'll have to wait to get back to the pond.
Sorry guys! :-(

Cross country jump.

There are "natural obstacle"
cross-country jumps around
the lower 20 acres of the farm.

Our own small forest.

We have our own little forest to ride through
within the perimeter fence of the farm.
And there are now sections of land that we
have dedicated to growing East Texas pines
to ride in too.

Sunset on the upper 20.

When the sun sets over
the farm, we all catch our
breath and thank
Jehovah God
for his beautiful creations.

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