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Welcome to DD's Page
Dakota Dreamer in the barn 050205.

Our first Registered Spotted Draft, Dakota Dreamer.
DD was bought from a farm in North Dakota and
shipped down to East Texas 8 months pregnant.
She later delivered a beautiful spotted draft stud colt.

DD is our "dreamgirl."

DD checking out the trampoline 0305.

DD is curious about everything, just like all horses.
She's just bigger than most, so you hope that her curiosity will
stop with just sniffing at something, not "trying it out."

DD getting a little help with her detective work 0305.

DD's colt has always been just as curious about everything as his mom.
Plus he just likes to get into Mom's business, whatever that might be.

Comfortable in here home pasture, DD likes to sleep lying down sometimes.

We know that DD is a very happy girl here at the farm.
She often relaxes completely in her pasture. Mr. P, who used
to be her pasturemate, liked to relax along with her.

Though they often disagree, this is something these two agree on completely.

Although these two were often in disagreement about who was boss (and DD always won),
they were in total agreement about the sleeping arrangements here.

DD's size is impressive even when she is lying down.

DD is a very big girl, even when she is lying down. It is very impressive
to see her resting on the ground. It is even more so when she rolls.
(I'll try to get a video of that for this page as soon as I can.)

Grazing has to be at the top of DD's list of favorite things to do.

Being the boss is also one of DD's favorite things.

Here are some pictures of DD doing her favorite things, grazing and leading the other horses.

DD, just returned from the pond in the lower 20 acres, totally dirty and happy to be so.

And, of course, I must not leave out her pond visits! She loves to
get really dirty and then show up like nothing is different

Check back soon. I will be uploading some more pictures of Dakota Dreamer.

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Updated 01/07/12
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